Real Estate Investing – Part 2

Follow up

Craigslist took my job ads down, because I didn’t post them in the help wanted section, because I do not want to spend money on that.

I don’t like using the website that I made, because it is not my real name and that just makes me feel shady. I am just an individual with business partners and feel like I should remain small and personable on my calls anyway. So away with the business website for now. It’s too corporate and “the big bad bank trying to steal my home” feeling.

I made my first couple of calls from Zillow leads for cheap properties that were fore sale by owner and listed for a while. One lady seemed interested, but then never responded after the first call. The other guy never called me back. I needed a better list, one that not everyone and their mother had access too.

The rental house that I am selling is being bought by the city for the same price as an end buy was offering to pay for it less repairs. They will tear it down, because the land is worth way more than the house. So all that $10K in upgrades/repairs was wasted! Good thing I will still come out on top financially.

I am taking action on buying and owner financing or wholesaling the deals I do not want to owner finance. Just looking for the right areas to buy in near me, which I am guessing doesn’t really matter what area as long as the numbers work, there will be a buyer.

Got sick for 2 weeks. So a little behind on action steps.

Action Steps!

Continue to use the other gmail email I made as well as the google phone number so I don’t have calls a all hours of the day and night on my personal cell.

I joined John Martinez’ 21-Day REI Sales Challenge to push me to sell daily. So hoping to keep up with that. His gentleness and rapport he has with his borrowers really resonated with me. I have seen this work with the clients in my day job.

I researched, researched, researched property list and management software. Did some free trials. I signed up for list service through At some point, you just have to stop reviewing and looking at all the reviews and standing on the sidelines and pick one. I set a deadline to pick out the website/software that I would use for this week and just took the plunge. If I try it for 3-6 months and it results in nothing while I am going full force, then I can always switch it up later. Also, with a scale-able business model, this might just be the start of my software research. I will use this to make lists, skip trace, and call/email the select few.

I bought the monthly membership and paid to skip trace 121 contacts. There were over 60,000 leads to choose from. So I had to narrow it down somehow. Will I pick the right one? Who knows, but indecision means I do nothing. So I found two people (out of thousands of gurus) saying tax liens were good. So I did tax liens, but that was still thousands of results. There is no way I can call over 500, for sure. So I started getting picky. 50% equity, individually owned, not on MLS, etc until I got down to about 300. The contacts transferred over to 121 (the remainder were duplicate leans). Skip trace resulted in 88 contacts.

What is holding me back?

Now I am nervous to call them, but why? What will I say? What if I stumble on my words? I am an experienced sales person. Why do I have cold feet? I am almost there! So close, I have watched several youtube videos on scripts, typed one up, rehearsed it even and I am scared to take the next steps.

I put the money into it and it is time, don’t want to waste my time and money on this and not make one call, or not call all of them. I don’t want this to be just another thing I tried and give up on it just to have the regrets of what-if. I will make a goal to call the leads between the afternoon hours during the week while my baby sleeps in case someone calls so I can call them right back. Not tonight though. I have done enough just registering for this service and by setting up the search, skip tracing and learning something new on all of this. Good job me! 🙂


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