Real Estate Investing Adventures – Part 4

Follow up

Didn’t get any call backs in Dallas for the RVM except the 10 or so that called back because they “missed my call.” They didn’t leave a message. I will try to call them back anyway next time. Either the are the property owner or I can take them off my list and save a call or save money from that RVM drop. Heard I need to plan to do 4-6 touches even with RVM. So I should probably send those out again. Have not really heard any news either way on success or not of RVM. So not sure what to make of that.

I have started manually calling some leads though. I called 58 leads on Monday from two lists the “tax liens and 50% equity” and a “substandard structure code violation” list from the city of Dallas. Paid a girl on Fiverr $131 to skip trace it and organize the Excel file, because it was a mess of a file. Most of these people that answered are nice, but a lot of the numbers are bad.

I mailed a handwritten letter to 6 of the people that overlapped the tax lien and substructure code violation list. We will see what comes of that.

Texted a couple of the pre-foreclosure list in another Midland/Odessa. Whoa, that was some angrily shitty responses! I will try to call them later, but figured I have a list of nice people to call first. haha. These poor people will be foreclosed on though and ruin their credit and not have any money in their pockets and be homeless. So I feel like they need me more than the others do, but they are so angry at the situation that they refuse to accept it. Maybe I will wait until closer to the auction date to call when it has finally sunk in.

Not sure about the pre-foreclosure list since they were jerks. Maybe I should try probate? Gotta call the prospects I have right now though.

I did end up selling my very first rental home for a nice profit. Now to find the next house to get my next deal! Planning to buy it and owner finance it to someone eventually. There is a huge need for owner finance housing for people with bad credit and a huge need for lower income housing too.

I have had so many leads to call and so little time to do it that I haven;t even looked at my “South Dallas, vacant, with at least 20% equity” leads. So many good “prospects” in theory, but the phone numbers aren’t resulting in good results.

I tried to D4$, drive for dollars, but my 1 year old is not easy to ride in the car. So got maybe 10 addresses. This is fun. I wish I could do it more often. It is mindless and I can listen to podcasts and still feel productive. I hesitate to order the Deal Machine app, because I don’t the monthly expense when I cannot commit with D4$ right now. Don’t think D4$ at night while he is asleep is safe in any neighborhood and I could miss deals with no light. I hit up some nearby streets when I go to the grocery store and drive around for as long as I can. I have also taken him in the stroller, but it is hard to cover ground that way.

I recorded the midland/Odessa recording for RVM, but Propstream is not accepting my new credit card number, so they didn’t work. I also need to cross reference that file and remove the ones that went to auction. Might have to call customer service on that one. Luckily they hook you up with the cell of a guy that is really responsive and helpful on the system.

My business cards came in!

I have started to offer $1,000 finders fee for any lead that leads to a house I buy. Been spreading the word with the people I speak with in my day job. haha.

Got a wholesaling company working on finding me deals in my area and in my price range. Their comps seem to be the most accurate compare to other wholesalers and he was honest with me that the one deal I was looking at might not be the best fit since it needed way more work for a first deal. If he finds one before I do for owner financing, I will accept that. hah

I don’t really need a bunch of new numbers for people calling me through LiveComm. I can just use a different name in each ad and that will tell me where they got my info…or just ask them where they got it. For any prospects that turn into leads and leads that turn into deals and deals that turn into money in my pocket, I can track manually for now with searching in my lists for their info. I have combined the lists now and put a column for what type of lead it was. I don’t like that LiveComm doesn’t allow me to call back from the number that I text or called or received their call on.

Action Steps – What to do next?

Call more leads. I really need to track down the pre-foreclosure ones for Midland/Odessa before they are foreclosed on. Need to find the 39 auctioned properties in my Midland/Odessa area file so I do not waste any time with them. That leaves me with 43 leads total, 3 of which I need to track down.

Make a schedule for when I will call people manually. Every other morning, I will spend 2 hours a day making calls while my nanny is here.

Heard SkipGenie is the best on this. So I will try to run some through there that I could not get from Propstream or Fiverr.

Send out mailers on Wednesday after we return to get the returned letters back and skip trace/track down those hard core! Should only have to mail out once to get this smaller targeted list.

Make more Craiglist and Facebook ads. Post them once a day.

Considering a smaller market near the large city I am in to have less competition for better results, but need to give my current leads a shot.

Been given a couple of leads from word of mouth. Need to follow up with those.

Use my LiveComm account to send out a bunch of texts to potential sellers.

What is holding me back?

  • Time due to current job and baby. Nanny is only here in the mornings and that is when I have to work on my current job to survive. My baby stopped taking naps in the afternoon. 🙁 I hope that shit stops soon! I need more sleep and need that time in the afternoons to work on this stuff. I need to make this more of my priority though as this is my future.
  • Shitty phone numbers that don’t work on the skip traced leads. Will try a new skip tracer service and am marking the bad numbers so I don’t call them more than once.

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