Real Estate Investing Adventures – Part 3

Follow up

I have a list of tax liens with 50%+ equity in my town. Did skip tracing through Propstream.

Set up voice mail message for my google number:

Hi and thank you for calling. My name is Ava and my family and I buy houses. If you are interested in receiving a reasonable cash offer on your home, please leave your name, property address, how much you want for your home, and any other details that might affect the value of your home. Please also and leave your phone number twice. Thank you and have a wonderful day!”

Ordered ringless voicemail messages through Propstream for 121 of the skiptraced leads, resulting in 88 contacts found. Tried to keep the message under 30 seconds. Figure I would loose interest after that then so would anyone else.

Hi, This is Ava calling about your house in Texas. My family and I specialize in buying houses and I would like to be able to make you a reasonably, cash offer on your home. Please call or text me back today at ###-###-#### again that number is ###-###-####. Thank you and have a blessed and amazing day.

PARTIAL FAIL! OMG, the RVM, Ringless voice mail, went out, but the google calls were forwarded to my personal cell! So my personal voice mail message, that gives my cell phone number, was read to them instead of the voice mail message that I posted above. So they never got the advertisement of my message. I have turned off forwarding. I want them to leave a message anyway.

I set them to call Tuesday – Saturday 9 am – 11 am while my nanny and husband are here to watch my son. As my son’s nap schedule is not consistent and I want to be able to respond to their calls right away. I was estimating to get 3-4 call backs, or about 3%. I got 7 calls back immediately, but those are probably the people that saw that they had a missed call. I have not had a real call back yet and it has been 2.5 hours. No one left a message (on my cell phone, ugh!).

The one call I did answer said that he was not interested in selling and that he paid his taxes. He was nice though! So I might want to switch it up and do pre-foreclosures instead of tax liens to start. As clearly those people have not paid in a couple months at least.

Action Steps

Get a new list for pre-foreclosures, skiptrace, RVM.

Hit up all the people that cannot be traced from the pre-foreclosure list. Search and find them!

Close on my house! The date is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday 3/19/2019.

What’s holding me back?

Nothing at the moment. Just got a little motivation from the call backs, even if they were just returning my call because they missed my call.

OK, maybe the fear of people yelling at me, because they are in a tight spot with the foreclosure looming over their heads. I don’t want to call someone that has already been called a million times. I can overcome this fear though, because I call LendingTree leads all the time and they get pissy with me. So what’s new about that!?!

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