Maternity Underwear and Other Unmentionables

maternity underwear

Your first pregnancy visit with your doctor, nurse, or midwife should include a list of all the things that people never tell you that you need during pregnancy and a timeline of when you need them, like maternity underwear.

Ok, so maybe that’s just the planner in me coming out, but this should definitely be a thing. How else would you know that maternity underwear even exist, when you need to buy them, or why?

So here’s a handy tip…you’re probably going to have to buy some special underwear at some point in the pregnancy. You may as well get them in the beginning of the pregnancy so you can get your use out of them and start being comfortable sooner rather than later.

But why do I need special maternity underwear?maternity underwear

You’ll want to be comfortable. The elastic in your current panties are not as stretchy or forgiving as they seem. Sooner or later, they’ll start digging into your stomach and nobody likes that.

You might think you can just bunch them down below your belly (been there, done that!), which you might be able to get away with for a bit, but as your baby starts to grow, you’ll start to feel your regular panties putting pressure on your stomach even near your pelvic bone where you thought they were pushed low enough to be safe. I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to suffer. Go get you some comfy maternity panties!

And don’t even think about just buying the next size up to escape special underwear. You’ll just end up wasting your money and will still be uncomfortable. You’re not getting fat; you’re growing a human.

What are maternity underwear?

Pregnancy or maternity underwear come in two main forms:

  1. Over the belly
  2. Under the belly 

Both forms are made to grow with you and your growing belly.

I’m impartial to the under the belly ones, because they feel most like the traditional underwear I am use to wearing and they make me feel a tad more sexy, because what pregnant woman doesn’t need to feel more sexy?! I also feel I can probably get more use out of them even after baby is here and I’m back to my pre-pregnancy size.

There are many different styles still. So don’t worry. If you still want to rock that thong or prefer boy-shorts, please don’t let anyone stop you!

How many do I need?

Now, as far as quantity goes, this depends on how often you do laundry. Please note I didn’t say how often you INTEND to do laundry. Trust me, I’ve made the mistake of confusing those two before. There’s nothing like blow drying your freshly washed undies while you’re trying to get out the door.

Ideally women should change their underwear at least once a day. So if you do laundry once a week, you’ll need at least 7 pair.

I’d suggest two packages of 5, so 10 pairs of underwear total for the weekly laundry washer. Trust me, you’ll thank me for having the extras the first time you throw up, laugh, or sneeze too hard!

Oh, did your doctor fail to mention peeing yourself when you’re pregnant?Maternity belly

Yeah, I didn’t get the memo either until after the fact. It’s probably not a bad idea to carry a back up pair of panties in your purse in a zip lock bag for the old pair to go into. Think of it as practice for carrying around all those diapers you’ll need soon for baby.

You could always wear a pad 24/7, but where’s the fun in that? I’m not too keen on having chemicals from those pads against my lady parts all day and also don’t like how they feel or when they get out of place.

I bought my maternity underwear on Amazon. Click here to buy your maternity underwear now so you will have them when you need them. They are also sold at maternity stores if you prefer buying them in person.

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