Frugal vs. Cheap

In order to make it to the finish line of retiring early on a modest income, lets not let the cheapness get away with us. There is a difference between being cheap and being frugal.

For example, You can buy a cheaply made t-shirt that is thin with bad stitching that will last you a year, but you will end up spending more over the course of the years than you would have if you had bought a higher quality t-shirt with more durable fabric and better stitching.

” $50 for a t-shirt that’s just some ignorant”

Macklemore, “Thrift Shop” Song

This is not an excuse to blow what should be your retirement savings on a t-shirt and clothing. You can still get a great product at a low price. Check out high quality thrift stores and consignment shops or buy fewer items new rather than buying a bunch of cheap stuff.

Buy furniture in cash to get the best price. There is no need to finance a couch. You are not going to die without a couch to sit on. Sit on the floor, buy some throw pillows that you will use on the couch (notice to buy things that fit into your eventual goals/plans for the future) and sit on those. Save up and get a good couch or any other piece of furniture that you will have for years to come. We found the best economical couch and should not have to buy another one for decades to come.

That being said, don’t pass up a good deal on a pre-owned piece of sturdy furniture that can last for years and then you can re-sell once you get the cash you need to buy the new one you wanted. A $10 mismatched night stand can last you a decade or more and who really sees it anyway?

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