Couch for a Lifetime

We recently had a coffee spill on our couch. The back part, two pillows, the bottom cushion, the base under the bottom cushion were all covered in a sugary, creamy, full cup of flavored coffee. This is when I was reminded, yet again, that quality at a great price, otherwise known as frugal, over cheap has benefits.

LoveSac sactional cushion over coffee spill

We have a LovSac “Sactional.” This is the last couch I will ever buy. If you have not already seen these, go to their website and watch the demo. It fits any configuration or space, the colors and textures can be swapped out to fit the decor if it is changed, but most importantly, the covers are washable!

I am very grateful for the old, itchy, inherited couch that I was sent off to college with, but the stains and being unable to get it as clean as a machine washer would clean it was impossible. It was a three-seater with no way to change it to an L-shape or any other shape for that matter. After decades of use and abuse, being the frugal person that I am, I was still on board to spray it with fabric freshner and cover it with a cloth, but my husband likes the finer things.

Couch base with dog dirt

I had my eye set on the Sactional for years, but couldn’t afford the $4,000+ price tag. So I inquired about any floor models. They said they rarely get rid of the bases that are on display, just the covers. They put me on the wait list anyway.

Several months later, they called me with the base they were selling for almost half off!!! Of course, I had been saving for this new couch for some time and was able to pay cash since the price was dropped to what I had saved. It came with covers for free too.

After the coffee spill, we quickly removed the fitted covers and tossed them in the wash. We typically wash the covers once every few years. The sides had gotten the darkened area where hands rest, you know the part our grand parents and great grand parents put doilies on. The cover on the base had dirt on it from the dogs leaning on it as they slept. All gone with just one quick wash cycle and no scrubbing or chemicals that remained in the furniture!

This was also a great time to rearrange the pieces and rotate them out so the cushions wear evenly. We haven’t really had any “wear” issues, but never hurts to be proactive while the couch is disassembled. 

We love our Sactional and would have bought it again in a heartbeat, because it is quality over quantity. When the covers wear down, they will be a lot cheaper to replace than a whole couch. If one of the seats or cushions gets destroyed for some reason, we can just buy that one seat or cushion. This is definitely an economically sounds choice for couch value.

LoveSac couch put back together and in use

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