About Me – Suburban Homestead Mommy


I have been attempting to homestead in the suburban city for many years, but I am just beginning to document my journey through this blog. I love our family, homesteading, prepping, survival, and DIY projects around the house.  I work full time, volunteer in my community, and love kids. My family is a blended family of 4 still living at home with one on the way (due February 2018). My goal is to share my passion projects, current knowledge, and to take you with me on my journey and adventure of urban homesteading.


Homesteading can mean so many things to different people. My main goal of homesteading is to become self-sufficient. Homesteading can and does go hand-in-hand with survival and prepping.

Survival and Prepping

I’m not talking about eating bugs for weeks on end out in the wilderness, but it would be a good skill to have to be able to build a shelter, start a fire, and basic cooking outdoors. Prepping is part of survival and homesteading, because you never know when you might need that extra food or emergency water. Regardless if it is a new baby, job loss, or a natural disaster, it benefits us all to be prepared as much as possible. While I would love to have my prepping done in an instant, this is an ongoing project due to limited funds. We are starting small and building up steadily from there.


I love doing projects around the house to improve our home. I also have many basic skills in electrical, plumbing, and general carpentry; just enough to be dangerous! haha. So I will be sharing with you some things you can do to maintain your home as well, because that is all part of self-sufficiency.

Tiny Home

We have begun construction on a tiny home in our back yard. At the moment, it will just be a shed, but we intend to convert part of it to a working bathroom and kitchen area once we move it out to a parcel of land.